Data Lost Protection system Implementation

The customer company (NDA) applied to us with the following problem: the competitors obtained their database and strategic development plan for 5 years.

What problem was addressed?
Offer a solution that would protect against any information leakage.


After analyzing the company's infrastructure, it was proposed to introduce a DLP system from our partner Symantec.

DLP systems operates as a tool for monitoring employee communications, detecting signs of fraud at the early stages, as well as for conducting investigations. Constant monitoring of the activity of employees is simply necessary for a timely response to their illegal actions, which can cause economic damage to the organization.

During the implementation process, 26 policies were configured in the system. Some of them are presented below:
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Documents of the financial department
  • Strategy Department Documents
  • Marketing Department Documents
  • Social networks, file sharing
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal data
  • Communicators