Building IT from a scratch

FinX –a financial company operating in the field of consumer lending

  • Number of users - 20 in the central office and 60 in branches
  • Number of offices - 1 central and 30 offices in Ukraine
  • The number of IT services used in the work - 20

What problem was addressed?
Build an IT business infrastructure from scratch in 2 weeks with a minimum solution cost


The basic requirements were fixed on the first day of cooperation, the basic concept was ready in 2 days and, to enable the business to start as quickly as possible, the project was carried out in two directions at the same time: building a corporate network and expanding the infrastructure of virtual servers. Basic IT services such as Active Directory, backup, and anti-virus protection were implemented in the first week. And since the scope of the company implies intense competition and high requirements for information security, a solution was proposed and implemented to protect the organization's information perimeter (FireWall). The client did not have enough IT staff to service workstations in remote offices, so this process was automated by introducing a centralized workstation management system (SCCM) and an IT infrastructure monitoring system (SCOM).