Building a resilient IT infrastructure for a fintech company from scratch

Miloan Ukraine is a financial company issuing loans for bank cards online on the site

The number of simultaneous sessions on the site -
Number of Integrations -
Speed of loan issuance - 15 min

What problem was addressed?
Build a flexible, scalable, secure IT infrastructure that will provide rapid growth and support for an online project.


From the very start of this project, it was clear that special attention should be paid to the safety and accessibility of the online site. The business IT architecture was designed to be fault-tolerant. At the first stage, to reduce the cost, the servers were deployed in one copy, but everything was prepared for duplication upon first request. At the moment, all the root nodes of the project are raised in two copies, and in the case of technical work or the failure of one element, the business does not stop. A mandatory element that controls the network perimeter of the project is Fortinet's Next-Generation Firewall. Our experts have configured all the necessary rules. To protect the online part of the project, it was proposed to use CloudFlare.

After the launch of the product, issues of data analysis became relevant, so we developed data marts (Datamart), which are used by all departments of the customer to receive timely reports and forecasting. The Datamart architecture allows all business users to work with reporting and not be dependent on developers. Dashboard visualization is implemented using Power BI.

At the moment, our team provides IT support for the business, we use proactive monitoring tools for server infrastructure, integration protocols and the site. Fast recovery from failures is possible thanks to a configured backup system, new information is saved every 15 minutes. And all requests from users come, are processed and executed in the Service Desk system.