Implementing Next-Generation Firewall

Bredley Holding - is an international financial group that successfully develops fintech projects. The holding's investment portfolio includes more than 10 projects in 5 countries (

Number of users - 500 in central offices and more than 3,000 in branches

Number of offices - more than 6

What problem was addressed?
Working in the field of finance, enterprises within the scope of Bredley Holding's responsibility put the issues of security of information flows and data protection at all levels of operational activity in the first place. The need to introduce a more advanced corporate network security system arose in 2017 due to the attack of the Petya.A ransomware virus. The project team had a task to quickly protect the corporate network from information leakage, reducing the risks of malware penetration and spreading, and also providing the information security service with effective tools for monitoring events and incidents.

The Qmaro experts faced a difficult task, since the Bredley Holding group brings together companies from different industries and it was extremely important not to disrupt the work of units in the process of introducing the new cybersecurity system. The project implementation process was divided into stages and planned in such a way that business is not disrupted.

Solution proposed:

During the project implementation period, the data center networks were upgraded and Next-Generation Firewall was installed with on the devices of the corporate network to filter and check incoming and outgoing traffic.

A system for protecting internal network resources was introduced, Internet access rules were configured, and a remote connection to the network using two-factor authentication was provided. The FortiAnalyzer module installed by company's specialists enabled quick monitoring and analyzing network security events by the specific department of the holding.